User advocacy vs brand advertisement?

In a little entrepreneurial side project we recently launched a new type of social networking site here at Atmosphere. It’s a site where friends tell each other what products they have experience with and what they love and don’t love about them. Call it online product advice or social shopping, we call it a trust network for product advice between friends. And – because it’s about passionate users/fans – we gave it the name

An agency that is in the business of consumer marketing starting a site where consumers encourage each other to actually ignore advertising and listen to each other instead? Sounds paradox? We think no.

Good advertising these days needs to treat customers as grown-ups, not as believe-anything lemmings. Thanks to social media people find out sooner or later if a brand is trying to blow sand in their eyes or if it has a good reason to let ad agencies tout their horns. Being a user advocate and marketer at the same time is therefore a very natural thing, because it teaches us to understand and communicate the intrinsic value of a product and then create the right message. A bit like in the good old Coca-Cola advertising days, only a lot richer, and with a mobile, social and soon 3D–twist to it ;-).


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  • February 18, 2012, Emma wrote:

    The blog is cool

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