Taim Mobile – Location Based Lunch Feed

Taim Mobile Lunch Truck

It's not just a great lunch truck, it's a lunch truck with an amazing Twitter feed.

I don’t usually go to lunch trucks… in fact, I can’t really remember the last time I bought lunch at a truck before the Taim Mobile showed up on 51st Street.  Fortunately for me, I live near the Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar, which I stumbled upon on a hidden little street in the West Village last year.  Taim means ‘tasty’ in Hebrew and from all the reviews online it looks like anyone who tries Taim agrees it is very tasty.

The first day I saw the truck outside our building I asked them how often they would be on our street, they handed me a business card with their website and Twitter address and told me ‘that depends on how well we do here.’  I was thrilled that my favorite falafel was now available outside our office and I was eager to spread the word to my co-workers to make this location become part of Taim’s regular rotation.

Now that I’ve signed up for their twitter feed I know when they are coming to our street and it has become a special event.  I tell everyone in the office when it’s falafel day.  The Twitter feed also includes the special of the day and, since it’s gotten so popular, they now send updates on when the line is open or when they run out of food.  The Twitter feed also provided a connection through all the snow days so that I knew when they couldn’t make it in to the city.

The food is amazing, which keeps me coming back and spreading the word, but the Twitter feed keeps me looking forward to my next encounter with the Taim Mobile.


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  • November 17, 2011, Raymond Schadt wrote:

    Hi man! I quite agree with your opinion.

  • November 24, 2011, Keisha Kaleel wrote:

    Many thanks for providing this entry. It is really useful for me.

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